Our Story




The translation of the latin word Virtutis.

Born out of the obsession with quality and tradition, Virtutis was founded by Adam Liddy in Hertfordshire, England. Driven by the desire to create beautiful hand made products from the finest natural materials, using the traditional tools and methods of our ancestral artisans. We design and create products that are made to stand the test of time whilst elegantly maturing with age.

At the heart of the brand is the way our products are made and the materials used to make them. All of our products are crafted entirely by hand here in the UK, which adds superior quality and attention to the finest detail.

When it comes to the assembly of our products, we want to create items that not only look stunning but are also made to last.

— Adam Liddy, Founder

We hand stitch everything using the traditional saddle stitch method. Handed down over many generations, this involves using two needles attached to one piece of thread. Both the needles then go through the same hole which locks the stitch firmly into place, although time consuming in comparison to using a sewing machine, the strength and quality of the saddle stitch is second to none.

Edges painted to perfection

Our signature brown edge is something you may be very familiar with on our products. To create this edge, it is first sanded level before being hand painted and sealed with bees wax. The entire process is done by hand involving many steps to achieve a smooth classic finish. Although again time consuming compared to finishing by machine, we found this traditional method a lot more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Every product made to order

Each product is made to order in the UK, which ensures minimal waste and sustainability, whilst giving us the opportunity to add a very personal touch. We are a brand that believes in quality over quantity. Always.